Kevin Feng

-- CS student, creative technologist

I'm a student at Princeton University thinking about technological interfaces and different ways people can interact with them to arrive at new conclusions. I aspire to use code, design, data, and new ideas to make people's communities at least marginally nicer to be in.

ARBlockbot →

An augmented reality application for accessible programming and robotics education.

Rehack →

Founding, designing, and organizing the first ever reverse hackathon for students.

DesertRanger VR →

Nighttime desert drone-hunting virtual reality experience for the Oculus Rift.

Social Login Visualizer →

Examining web login dependencies on US and Chinese websites.

Audioscape →

Procedural generation of landscapes, guided by audio input.

cardi-o →

A personal time interface for the Apple Watch.

Interstellar Plaque →

Redesigning the Pioneer 10 and 11 plaque for expressive extraterrestrial communication.

Venmo UX Case Study →

Rethinking the experience of a popular peer-to-peer payments app.

Materialize →

Reverse engineering material design into a physical form.

zoom.juniorshow →

Website for the Princeton Visual Arts juniors' virtual art exhibition.

Looping Voices →

Putting four voice assistants in an infinitely looping conversation.

Siri (1984) →

Siri's imagined presence on the 1984 Macintosh.

PUB Album Cover →

Design for the Princeton University Band's 100th anniversary album.