Kevin Feng

-- CS student, creative technologist


Hey, I’m Kevin. I like making things and learning cool stuff along the way.

I’m a senior studying Computer Science at Princeton University and also a design aficionado. I see the technical side as a toolbox to realize solutions and visions, allowing great ideas to reach and benefit users. I see design as a fundamental problem solving framework and a productive mediator of ideas, often providing important humane and ethical approaches that may be overlooked otherwise. I strive to embody both worlds in my work.

There’s more I can talk about, but I’ll leave the formal stuff to other pages of this site. I’ll save this page as a way for you to know me better :) Here’s a few things I enjoy/champion, in no particular order:

Some personal things I want to do in the near future include:

If you want to find out more, feel free to poke around, check out my work, see what I’ve been reading, read my Medium blog, or find me on any of the links below: