Kevin Feng

-- CS student, creative technologist


HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Adobe Illustrator, an ambitious vision
Fall 2018 – present


In the spring of my freshman year, an alum (Stephen Cognetta) came back to campus to talk about some of his work in mental health tech. A few months later, he ran the first reverse hackathon for professionals in the Bay Area to bring together an interdisciplinary crowd to tackle problems in current tech products. I saw the event recap on his blog and realized that this was a valuable event to bring to students. More specifics on why I started Rehack can be found in this Medium article.

After speaking to Stephen a couple times over the summer, I returned to campus in the fall and established Rehack, a student organization dedicated to putting together the first reverse hackathon for students. The goal of Rehack was (and still is) to bring together students with different backgrounds and experiences to develop creative solutions that would make modern consumer tech products more fair, humane, and socially responsible. I got together a small team, and after a year of hard work, productive conversations, and non-stop fundraising, we made Rehack a reality.

There are countless components involved in making Rehack a successful event, but I want to highlight a particular component that I focused on heavily from the very beginning up through to the day of the event and beyond: the design.

Over the coming weeks, I will be releasing details on how I built the graphical presence of Rehack, from the logo, to colour palette, to website, to printed materials. Check back for more soon! In the meantime, you can learn about Rehack on our website.